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The Adagolem is a monster based on the golem. "Adagolem" is derived from a mix of "adamant", a type of stone, relating to its appearance, and "golem", the fictional being it is based on.

Biology Edit

The Adagolem is a massive monster of stone. It vaguely resembles a human, with 2 arms and 2 feet. It has a long, rounded chin and thick, robust shoulder. It has no toes, rather having two large, flat "feet". Adagolems can reach up to 15 meters tall and a 10 tons heavy.

The Adagolem is an incredibly rare creature, due to its sheer size. They are usually find at mountains are large caves. The Adagolem consumes soil and rocks as an energy source. Though they obviously do not have any predators, many do despise the creature, because every step it takes sends earthquakes to those nearby.

Behavior and abilities Edit

Adagolem are rather peaceful creatures, thanks to its unbelievable size and literally rocky complexion, they are able to shrug most attacks. They are not very active, either, spending most of their day sleeping.

When they do decide to attack, they do the following.

Tremors. The Adagolem lifts one of its feet, than slams it back into the ground, sending a powerful earthquake and stunning terrified enemies.

Rock toss. The Adagolem grabs a large rock or boulder, and hurls it at the enemy. The Adagolem's power makes this attack particularly dangerous, as it can easily pick up boulders a few tons heavy.

Crush. The Adagolem slowly winds its arm back, than throws a a punch at enemy. Because of the weight of the Adagolem's hand, the punch is known to dig deep into the ground.

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