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The Aerigami is a monster based on a paper crane. The name "Aerigami" is derived from a combination of "aero", a word referring to air and "origami", a form of Japanese paper art.

Biology Edit

Aerigamis are essentially paper avian monsters. They are composed completely of thin multicolor paper. Aerigamis have one dominant color and numerous minor colors. Their heads and part of their wings have this dominant color while the long head streamers, chest and wing "feathers" are in minor colors. Their tail "feathers" also have a different color palette. These colors vary from region to region. When an Aerigami's pseudo-feathers get wet, it is almost impossible for it to fly. The Aerigami's beak is folded paper. Aerigamis have flimsy legs that can just barely hold its weight. An average Aerigami is 2 feet tall and weighs a quarter of a pound.

Aerigamis are fairly rare creatures that are found in dry forests. They almost never leave their forest home because of fear that the wind would blow their flimsy bodies around. When rain falls, the Aerigami would seek shelter under a tree capable of shielding it from the water to prevent its pseudo-feathers from getting soggy.

Behavior and abilities Edit

Aerigamis are very timid creatures, living in constant fear of their plumage getting shredded. They are also, unusually enough, very conscious with keeping their pseudo-feathers clean, oftentimes compromising their hiding spot to dust their wings. In a pinch, however, Aerigamis would fight back.

Aerigamis would use the following abilities when in trouble.

Paper cut. The Aerigami's wing feathers are hardened. The Aerigami then spins rapidly in a circle, slashing enemies in an area around it. Aerigamis are capable of performing this from both the ground and the air.

Stationary. The Aerigami crosses its wings before beating them forward, releasing a fan of sharp paper. The paper flies fast enough to push enemies back, nailing them down upon hitting hard terrain.

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