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The Arach is a monster based on the scorpion. "Arach" is derived from "arachnid", the class that includes scorpion, the animal it is based on.

Biology Edit

The Arach is a large, 8 legged monster, protected by a thick, durable red-orange exoskeleton. Arachs have a scissor-like head with a hinged lower jaw. The mouth is similar to that of a saw. It has thick protective plates on its shoulders and chest; the former of which has a large spike jutting out from each. It has a pair of scissor-like pincers, and its lower body is segmented. It has a spiked, poison-lined tail. An average Arach is usually about 1.8 meters tall and weighs 300 kilograms.

Groups of Arachs can be spotted deep within deserts, usually around ruins or cliffs. Arachs, as apex predators, hunt in groups, and would often trek a hundred miles through the desert to find prey.

Behavior and abilities Edit

Arachs are fast and powerful predators. Their multiple legs and segmented body allows them to quickly maneuver through tight spaces.

Arachs can perform the following.

Guillotine. The Arach winds back, then quickly releases its arm to grab a target with its pincers. The Arach then attempt to execute by snipping the enemy into two.

Venom tail. The Arach usually only uses this to fend off rear attackers. The Arach stabs with its poison-lined tail. The poison attacks the victim's insides, ripping through veins and arteries, leading to internal bleeding.

Scorpion fell. The Arach's most infamous combo. The Arach grabs an enemy with its jaws, scissoring it in between the spikes. The Arach then throws the target upward, readying one of its claw. It then delivers an uppercut, slicing the target before slamming it with its tail while the target is mid-air, poisoning the enemy.

Sand blot. Both used for hunting and for retreat, the Arach summons a large sand cloud, concealing itself for a few second.

Cross-bite. The Arach strikes forward with its mouth, attempting to execute the target by slicing the enemy in two.

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