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The Bladescal is a monster based on a mix of an assassin and a shellfish. "Bladescal" is derived from "blade", the type of weapon it uses and "scallop", a type of shellfish.

Biology Edit

The Bladescal is almost completely protected in a thick, durable cyan shell. Its head is covered by a clam-like, shiny helmet with spiky lips. It has two auger shells as "ears". Its shoulders are protected by a pair of spiky shoulder pads. Its body is covered in a shell armor with a starfish attached to it, though the starfish has no real use and is most like has a commensalistic relationship with the Bladescale. Its legs are covered in yet more shells, and it has pair of sharp feet. Its arms are literally blades of shell, and the material in its "blade arms" are noticeable harder and sharper than the rest of its body.

The Bladescal is a mythical creature. It is unknown if it even eats or reproduces, or if it even exists. Legend has it that when the village is under attack by a powerful threat, the Bladescal will rise from the sands and slay the evil invaders.

Behavior and abilities Edit

When it senses a threat, the Bladescal emerges from underground, appearing in a cloud of sand, entering an offensive poise. The Bladescal is an extremely potent fighter, mixing extreme power, surprising speed, and durability.

In battle, it can perform the following.

Stalwart shell. The Bladescal's signature attack. Firstly, the Bladescal vanishes, than reappears extremely close to the target enemy. The Bladescal than stabs with its two blade arms, than opens them, attempting to split the enemy in half. If the target can not be split, the Bladescal flurries the enemy with an assortment of stabs and slashes before finishing up with a full 360 degrees blade spin.

Vulnerability slash. The Bladescal slashes upwards, attempting to knock an enemy up. This leaves the target incredibly vulnerable to further attacks from the Bladescal, primarily, Stalwart shell.

Ground smash. The Bladescal leaps incredibly high, than slams its blade's edge at the enemy's head in an attempt to stun it and perform further attacks.

Breakout. Only used in extremely desperate moments, the Bladescal breaks free from its shell, effectively removing its helmet, shoulder pads, and armor. The Bladescal is obviously more susceptible to attacks, however, its speed is significantly improves, able to deliver roughly twice as much blows to the enemy.

Outside of battle, it reburies itself in the sand and does the following.

Shell repair. The Bladescal stays motionless and focuses its mind, repairing damages done to its shell and strengthening it.

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