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The Blazetail is a reptilian monster of fire. The name "Blazetail" is derived from "blaze", referring to its power over fire and "tail", referring to the fact that it is only a head and a tail.

Biology Edit

Blazetails are composed of a rounded, snouted head with two dark eyes and a body consisting of a tail. They have smooth, bright green skin. Violently swirling spouts of flames circle it endlessly. They are able to "slither" the air, able to reach high places. They are also able to traverse and swim through lava, which is wheere they lay their eggs. An average adult Blazetail is two feet long from snout to tail.

Blazetails feed on various fruits, berries and insects, roasting them with their fires before consuming them. Blazetails make their homes at the base of volcanoes, near vegetation that grow from volcano ash. When food is short, they venture into nearby pastures.

Behavior and abilities Edit

Adult Blazetails are relatively passive creatures, only really getting aggressive when their food is getting stolen or when theit offspring are threatened. Child Blazetails, on the other hand, are natural troublemakers, blasting any nearby thing with embers.

Blazetails are able to perform the following abilities, all of which revolve around fire.

Roast. The Blazetail blasts a small stream of concentrated fire from its mouth, roasting the target. Though the Blazetail typically uses this ability on food, it can use this ability to burn potential threats.

Infernal vortex. The Blazetail temporarily gives a target its swirling flame, temporarily losing its ability to fly but trapping a target in a fiery tomb, potentially burning a target. The Blazetail regains its ability to traverse the air upon taking back its flames.

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