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Boors are bipedal monsters based on pigs. The name "Boor" is derived from "boar", an animal that is of the same family as pigs.

Biology Edit

Due to their naturally gluttonious nature, Boors are typically in a heavy set. They have chubby faces, thick arms and legs, and a large gut. Their arms and legs are also hooved. They have a pair of droopy ears and a dark red snout. Adult male Boors are naturally hairy around their chest and armpit area. They have soft, red skin from top to bottom. Typical Boor battle regalia consists of a rounded wooden helmet enforced with steel, a single wooden shoulder pad (also enforced with steel), and a pair of rounded steel fists. Boors can be seen equipped with a variety of weapons such as maces, longswords, axes and, most commonly, hammers.

Boors are notoriously omnivorous, consuming nearly anything they can get their hands on. Boors, although recognized as barbaric monsters, are actually fairly intelligient, able to create communities and war camps. Due to the nature of how these two monster species evolved, Boors are in an eternal rivalry with Longhorns.

Behavior and abilities Edit

Boor war camps can be set up at wide, open plains. Boors are territorial creatues, aggresively driving off any non-Boors when they get too close to their camps. Boors are warcentric monsters. Both male and female Boors are thrown into training camps as soon as they are ready to swing a weapon. Boors incapable of fighting are relegated to either farming and fishing jobs or smithing and sharpening jobs.

Boors are usually proficient in using weapons. Their abilities consist of the following.

Heightened smelling. Boor noses evolved to be able to scout out Longhorns from miles away. Their noses are also able to easily detect poison in food, in case any Longhorns attempt to poison their rations.

Hornbreaker. The Boor grips its weapon firmly before swinging it full-forces at a target's horn, attempting to crush them. (when the target doesn't have horns, the Boor aims at its skull)

Hoof sweep. The Boor swings its weapon at a target's feet, attempting to knock it down. The Boor then proceeds to perform Hornbreaker on it when it is on the ground.

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