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C4RROT Automaton Mk. 23 (often referred to as Carrut) is a mechanical monster built by Tinkhare. Its name is derived from both "carrot", a vegetable that rabbits (the animal Tinkhares are based on) are known to eat, and "turret", a defensive structure.

Biology Edit

When a Tinkhare builds a Carrut, he/she would use whatever metal is available. As a result, each Carrut would typically be made with different material. In addition, Tinkhares can attach or upgrade their Carruts, adding tech such as missile pods, laser beams or healing waves. The most basic Carrut blueprint is a simple cannon model composed of a a mounted cannon nozzle attached to a rounded metal base on four legs. Every Carrut has a light source on it somewhere, typically on its left side. The Carrut is steam-powered. The base cannon model is usually 2 feet tall.

Carruts are granted sentience through Tinkhare enchantment, and are made to be loyal to the city they were built at. They are created for the purpose of providing 24/7 defense to the Tinkhare city.

Behavior and abilities Edit

Carruts are very friendly to Tinkhares. Tinkhare children often ride the Carruts for fun, which the Carrut enjoys. Carruts would open fire on any monster that isn't a Tinkhare, unless specific exception is programmed by the Tinkhare.

The base cannon model has the following defense protocol.

Auto-fire. The Carrut fires a large magical cannonball at an enemy. The impact is strong, able to push back or knock out even larger enemies. The Carrut reloads itself automatically, and can fire another around after half a second.

Certain models can have the following upgrade.

Missile pod. The Carrut fires a dozen missiles at a quarter second interval which explode on impact. Unlike Auto-fire, a Tinkhare would need to reload the Carrut manually. Tinkhares upgrade their Carruts with this tech when there city is under attack by aerial monsters.

Laser beam. The Carrut triangulates a beam of concentrated energy at a target, attempting to burn them. Tinkhares upgrade their Carruts with this tech when their city is under attack by heavy monsters that resist Auto-fire.

Healing wave. The Carrut releases a wave of healing energies, dramatically improving wound regeneration of living creatures within a 2 meters radius. Tinkhares upgrade their Carruts with this tech after tragedy when numerous Tinkhare require medical attention.

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