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Chamets are reptilian monsters based on chameleons. The name "Chamet" is derived from a combination of "chameleon", the animal it was based of and "comet", associated with its space theme.

Biology Edit

Chamets are quadruped reptilian monster with light blue skin. They have a pair of large, shiny pink eyes with star pupils on the side of their head. Their mouths curl up at both ends of their lips. They have four legs with two toes each. The sole of each foot is sticky so that it can cling to trees. Its most defining characteristic is the miniature comet in its curly tail. The comet has a glowing orange sphere of energy as its base and a trail of pink light as its tail. The comet is hot to the touch for nearly all beings except for Chamets. The Chamet carries this comet wherever it goes, and is with them since they were born. They are very small, only reaching a total length of about 5 inches during adulthood.

Chamets thrive in forests. They do not eat or sleep, rather they rely on moonlight for sustenance. During nights with full moons, large groups of Chamets can be seen on top of trees, absorbing the moonlight.

Behavior and abilities Edit

Chamets are elusive creatures that remain very inactive during the day, hiding inside holes in trees to prevent their bright comets from being detected. Despite their docile nature, they can use powerful abilities that revolve around the comet wrapped in its tail to defend itself.

These abilities are the following.

Astral Impact. The Chamet hurls the comet in its tail at a target. Upon hitting a surface, it explodes violently in a flash of white light, capable of destroying both terrain and beings. The explosion has an average radius of 4 meters. A new comet would immediately materialize within the curl of its tail after throwing. Due to its destructive capabilities, Chamets typically avoid performing this ability.

Torch. The Chamet intensifies the heat of the comet's tail, making it larger and brighter, appearing like burning flame in nature. The Chamet would then use its tail like a torch to scare away predators or illuminate dark areas.

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