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The Cucursenut is a monster based on the coconut tree. "Cucursenut" is a pun on "coconut", the fruit of the tree it is based on, and "curse", the theme of its magical abilities.

Biology Edit

The Cucursenut is a stout, bipedal monster whose body is covered in brown bark. On top of its head are four, large, green leaves with 3 ornamental eyes that appear like fruit on a tree. Cucursenuts are almost always 2 feet tall and 50 pounds heavy.

Thriving at beach shores, the Cucursenut performs photosynthesis to sustain itself, lowering its metabolism than basking in the sunlight to absorb it. The Cucursenut is a widely feared creatures, thanks to the terrifying curses it can afflict predators with. It is unknown how they reproduce, but some speculate that they perform summoning rituals to create new Cucursenuts. There are no child Cucursenuts, and it is unknown how they die.

Behavior and abilities Edit

Cucursenuts spend most of their days waddling around the beach sands. Though not necessarily hostile, Cucursenuts are easily provoked. Even just the act of being near one for an extended period of time will cause them to attack.

When provoked, they can do one of the following.

Cursed nut. The Cucursenut holds out its arms, creating dark particles around them. A coconut covered in unknown black particles is than created. The Cucursenut than winds back, than throws the cursed coconut at an enemy, applying a curse on it. The afflicted has severely reduced energy and would be in this exhausted state for up to 8 hours.

Dark release. The Cucursenut throws its arms, than pulls them back as dark particles are formed around them. Dark energy than erupts on enemies who were previously afflicted with the curse from Curse nut. The pain they experience is akin to having their insides burnt.

Shaded coat. The Cucursenut innately has a negative aura around it, giving it an increased resistance against non-physical attacks such as fires and electrocution.

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