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The Darkling is a monster based on a cultist. "Darkling" is derived from "dark", the monster's element.

Biology Edit

The Darkling is a furry gray creature, donning a black hooded robe that covers its wrists and legs. It has naturally spiky hair and a pair of fluffy ears.

The Darkling can be seen anywhere, thanks to their teleporting powers, generally viewed as somewhat of a bad omen, especially since almost all Darklings are members of the Black Havoc cult. Darklings are omnivorous, though they prefer meats over fruits and vegetables. Though they have the power to reproduce, however, those who have dedicated themselves to the Black Havoc cult are forbidden from doing so. Instead, they have to rely on a sacred ritual to multiply.

Behavior and abilities Edit

A member of the Black Havoc cult, the Darklings are one of the lowest ranking in the hierarchy. Their contribution is still rather large, though. Being the jack-of-all trades member, their powerful dark magic and their sheer numbers are extremely potent in helping with the cult's main goal: to end the world and start anew.

Their magical powers include the following.

Shadow ball. The Darkling forms a spectral ball of darkness with its hands. It than lobs it at an enemy, attempting to mess up mental functions and make the enemy lose focus.

Nosferatu. The Darkling summons pure darkness in an attempt to disable all enemies' optical signals, temporarily blinding them.

Dark rip. The Darkling tears a rip through light itself, attempting to cut an enemy with dark magic.

Gallery Edit