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The Eldyba is a monster based on the ladybug. The name "Eldyba" is a corruption of "ladybug", the insect it is based on.

Biology Edit

Eldybas are small, winged, bipedal monsters. An Eldyba's head and body is protected by layers of black exoskeleton which visibly cascade around their chest and stomach areas. Its horned head resembles a knight's helmet with visible grooves around the jaw line and holes for the Eldyba's bright aqua eyes. Two large concave wings that resemble a cape envelop the Eldyba and are used by the Eldyba to fly. These wings beat extremely fast when in use. They are also durable and can be used by the Eldyba as a shield from back attacks. Similar protection can be seen on their thighs. Each arm has two clawed fingers, and they have spindly legs. An Eldyba's arsenal consists of a highly durable, rounded shield and a rose sword with the rose's spike for a blade, the rose flower and leaves for its hilt and the rose's root for a handle. An Eldyba isn't born with its gear; the Eldyba typically crafts one when they come of age. Eldybas grow to be very small, usually reaching a maximum of 3 inches in height.

Eldybas thrive in large, open places with lots of grass and flowers. Eldyba diets consist only of two things: flower nectar and flower leaves. Eldybas have short life spans, but this is offset by the fact that they reproduce fairly quickly. Eldybas can typically seen in groups of ten.

Behavior and abilities Edit

Wherever there is a large flower bed, Eldybas can typically seen hovering about. As soon as they are born, an Eldyba's goal in life is set - to defend the flower bed they were born in. Despite their small size, their speed and skill with the blade is usually enough to deter would-be intruders who threaten to destroy the integrity of the flower bed they call home.

Eldybas are capable of doing the following combat maneuvers.

Rosy ring. The Eldyba points its sword downwards before spinning swiftly on itself while simultaneously thrusting its sword upwards, slashing enemies in a circle around it. Rose petals visibly fall from the sword while the Eldyba rotates.

Shield bounce. The Eldyba spins and hurls its shield at a target, attempting to stun it. Upon collision, the shield bounces back at the Eldyba for it to catch. Sometimes, the shield fails to bounce back, and the Eldyba is forced to fight without a shield.

Ladycleave. The Eldyba flies full speed at an enemy before slashing down forcefully. The Eldyba then flies back with its shield raised to prevent any counter attacks.

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