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The Emperosh is a legendary monster based on the similarly legendary sea serpent. "Emperosh" is derived from "emperor", referring to its regal appearance.

Biology Edit

The Emperosh is a massive marine serpent. It has smooth, soft, red scales all throughout its long body. It has a short snouted mouth that holds rows upon rows of sharp teeth. The back of its head has two fins jutting out, while the back of its upper body has only one row of fins, with the fins at the latter significantly bigger than those at the former. Its front and belly is covered in thick, yellow plates and it has a large fan tail. The Emperosh is roughly 30 meters long. The Emperosh is roughly 2000 years old.

There is only one Emperosh in existence. The Emperosh can travel hundred of miles in a few hours, making it hard to track its location. The Emperosh is an extremely powerful predator - one of the most dangerous - thanks to its massive size and sheer power. It has been been known to consume any creature smaller than itself.

Behavior and abilities Edit

The Emperosh is a famously terrifying creature. Oftentimes, its appearance results in catastrophe, as powerful waves follow it wherever it goes.

It can use the following abilities in attacking.

Dive. The monster’s most common attack, the Emperosh dives into the waters, disappearing into the depths, travelling at a massively increased speed. The Emperosh than resurfaces straight up, jaws first, ravaging everything it crashes through. The Emperosh than dives again and repeats the process.

Aqueous blast. The Emperosh opens its jaws and generates a sphere of water within. The Emperosh then releases it, exploding at collision, knocking back and drowning enemies in a mass of water.

Ravenous jaws. The Emperosh unhinges its lower jaw, exposing its rows of sharp teeth. The Emperosh than strikes swiftly, tearing apart even steel ship hulls.

Tidal wave. The Emperosh raises its massive tail, then slams it at the sea surface in front of itself, sending forth a massive wave of water to engulf even the biggest ships.

Freezing beam. The Emperosh saps all heat around its mouth, than fires a pressurized blast of absolute zero. Though not instantly, the beam can definitely freeze targets who stay in the beam’s trajectory for an extended period of time.

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