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The Entombed is a monster based on the mummy. "Entombed" is an English word that means "buried", relating to the monster's basis.

Biology Edit

Inside the Entombed lies a violent spirit. The bandages restrict it from being released and moving freely, though it still retains its dangerous temper. The bandages are thick and are of varying blue shades. It has no movable limbs, and it relies on its single loose wrapping to move around.

Hundreds of years ago, dead desert criminals whose souls still wonder the temple they were laid to rest in were trapped in a mystical wrapping to forever restrict them from tormenting temple goers. They are immortal and, someday, they will get their revenge on those who sealed them...

Behavior and abilities Edit

Usually appearing immobile, Entombeds will suddenly lash out and attack suddenly, fueled by eternal rage.

Entombed can perform the following.

Snare. The Entombed throws out its loose wrapping to wrap an enemy. The Entombed can then either pull itself to the enemy hit, pull the enemy hit to the Entombed, or throw the enemy aside.

Dustbringer. The Entombed spins around, repeatedly battering enemies around it while simultaneously releasing noxious dust, attempting to blind or disrupt an enemy.

Gallery Edit