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The Foulmouth is a plant-based monster. "Foulmouth" is derived from "foul", referring to the monster's disgusting characteristics, and "mouth", the body part in which most of its abilities revolve around.

Biology Edit

Foulmouths are short, stout, immobile plant monsters. They are rooted in place, which prevents movement. They have smooth skin with a bunch of bright spots. They have a clove of leaves on top of their head. They have a large, gaping mouth with rows of dirty, yellow teeth and a long tongue. Interestingly enough, they have a pleasant smell, which it uses to lure prey.

Foulmouths are carnivorous plant monsters that can usually be seen in swamps in large groups. They are often seen as revolting creatures, brought about by their disgusting appearance.

Behavior and abilities Edit

Foulmouths tend to spend most of their day either just sitting idly or preying on unsuspecting critters. They do not need to sleep, though they enter a low metabolism state during the night.

Foulmouths are able to perform the following ability, and would usually do all 3 in order.

Aromatic scent. The Foulmouth exudes an incredibly pleasant scent, which can be described as a mix of lavender and coconut extract. Unsuspecting creatures who find the scent pleasing would draw them towards the Foulmouth.

Root. A long, thick root extends from the ground near the Foulmouth, grabbing the target, pulling them through the underground and near the Foulmouth.

Consume. The Foulmouth opens its jaws and eats the target. Obviously, the target must fit the Foulmouth's mouth to be eaten. The target is then digested in highly abrasive stomach fluids.

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