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The Friral is a monster based on an arctic wolf. The name "Friral" is derived from a combination of "frigid", referring to its affinity with ice, and "feral", referring to its wild nature.

Biology Edit

The Friral is a predatorial quadpedal beast. A Friral's blue fur is coarse and stiff, and is as cold as the tundras it thrives in. Male Frirals have a small, scruffy beard below their mouths. Friral eyes are powerful and can detect prey from miles away. Their sense of smell, however, are substandard compared to most other predators. A Friral's most defining characteristic is the ice spike that pierces through their abdomen. This ice spike is with the Friral when they are born, and grows with the Friral.

Frirals are carnivorous beasts, and are widely feared by the denizens of the tundra. Foggy nights are immensely dangerous, as a Friral can lunge out at any time. During the day, they typically hide out in the forest to protect their young.

Behavior and abilities Edit

Frirals are relentless hunters. Their boundless energy brought about by the ice spike piercing their bodies make them very dangerous. They hunt alone, and would often be seen fighting other Frirals over prey.

All of their abilities are ice-based, and are empowered when under sub-zero temperatures.

Fogbringer. The Friral exudes a thick, cold fog from its mouth. The Friral's ice spike glows as it releases the fog. This fog is then used by the Friral for its other abilities.

Frostbite. Thick, white, cold smoke envelop the Friral's mouth. The Friral then lunges forward in a flash of white mist, chomping on a target with their sharp, cold teeth. Blood instantly freezes under the jaw's low temperature.

Tundra's fang. The Friral is enveloped in a thick, white fog that erupts from its body spike, appearing invisible amidst the tundra.

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