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The Gaius is a legendary rock-magic-based monster. "Gaius" is derived from "gaia", the Greek personification of the earth, which refers to its rock-based theme.

Biology Edit

The Gaius appears to be a collection of different sized rocks held together by a magical force. It has noticeably larger rocks for its head, chest, and shoulders. It has a pair of special rock as its hands but it has no legs. The Gaius is still able to move, however, through levitation. A violet aura keeps its individual rock pieces together and floating. The Gaius is roughly four meters tall and weighs roughly 700 kilograms.

The Gaius is a mythical creature. It is unknown where it thrives, however some people have seen the legendary being in the deepest caves, decorated with walls of beautiful gemstones and streams of the purest waters. Some people revere the Gaius as a god or as a protector of the earth.

Behavior and abilities Edit

Gaius stands ever still at its cave. It is an intelligient monster, able to communicate with humans. Its power is of the manipulation of the earth to either defend or attack. The Gaius is also rather agile, able to reconstruct or deconstruct its pieces temporarily to dodge attacks.

In battle, Gaius' primary abilities revolving around the following.

Crustal displacement. The Gaius telepathically coats an area of earth in a violet aura. The Gaius than commands the earth to shoot up from the earth at an unimaginable speed, clobbering enemies from below. The Gaius can perform this ability in quick succession, and the crusts the Gaius manipulated remain in a levitated state for further manipulation from its other abilities.

After Crustal displacement (and only after Crustal displacement), the Gaius can perform the following.

Earthen bombardment. The Gaius commands all floating crusts to fly quickly towards the enemy, crushing it under the rocks the Gaius was able to previously displace. The crusts collide so strongly that they all break and are reduced to rubble.

Terra barrier. The Gaius commands all floating crusts to assemble, creating a wall of rock, strengthened by the Gaius' own magical power. The barrier is partially sentient, able to move around the Gaius to protect it from all sides.

The Gaius has two further abilities it can use whenever necessary.

Anima beam. The Gaius projects a powerful beam of unknown energy at the enemy. The beam is stronger the longer it has been since the last use of the Gaius' magic power.

Natural cure. The Gaius roots itself to the ground, temporarily limiting its movement.and empowering its aura, gaining additional defenses against both physical and magical attacks. In this state, the Gaius steadily recovers its wounds.

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