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Garude is a monster based on the Garuda, a large humanoid bird creature. It is also the derivation of its name.

Biology Edit

Garude is an anthropomorphic monster. He is covered in stiff, brown feathers, with the feathers at the back of its head slightly stiffer. He has a broad, orange beak. His usual attire includes a gold and purple colored cloth piece around its neck, a piece of gray cloth bounded by a bronze belt around its bicep and a golden gauntlet. He wears another bronze belt around his waist that binds two pieces of gray clothing at their lower bodies. He also wears a long, purple and black strip of special cloth that is attached to his belt. He wears a pair of leather shin guards and leather sandals. He is armed with a large purple ankh. Garude is 1.5 meter tall and 85 kilograms heavy.

Garude, like his brother, is biologically immortal. Having power over life itself, it is a godlike monster.

Behavior and abilities Edit

In contrast with his sibling, Garude's powers involves the preservation and composition of life. It spends its days travelling to desert in an attempt to find the meaning of life.

Garude has the following abilities.

Empower. Garude raises its ankh, which then emits a bright, white light. Garude's nearby allies are empowered, able to focus and react more quickly while also being more physically and mentally stronger.

Spirit field. Garude raises its ankh, then slams it at the ground. The ground is then blessed, creating a holy circle that halts aging and heals wounds quickly as long as beings are in the circle.

Soul leash. Garude releases a spectral string from his ankh that latches to a biological being of his choice. While the leash is in place, the Garude rapidly reverses the aging process of the target, getting rapidly younger.

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