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The Hamlead is a monster based on a hampster. "Hamlead" is a portmanteau of "hamster", the animal this monster is based of and "lead", a primary material used in producing pencils, which the monster is themed after.

Biology Edit

Hamlead are small, furry rodent-like creatures. They have yellow streaks on the side of their rounded head, resembling pencil shavings. They also have bright, red noses and large, black eyes. They are covered in coarse fur, with regular light brown fur covering most of their bodies while stained black fur covering their bottom, hands and feet. This black fur leaves marks on surfaces that resemble pencil smudges, which can be erased with their noses. They are small, with adults reaching only 5 inches long.

Hamleads are actually plant creatures, despite their appearances. Special trees grow pencil-like branches, where Hamleads eventually sprout from. Once they are big enough, the Hamlead branch would snap off the mother tree from the weight and the Hamlead would fall to the ground. The Hamlead would then live its life drinking water and feeding off the sun.

Behavior and abilities Edit

Hamleads are typically ignored by predators as their plant-like taste deters almost all carnivores. They do, however, run away from herbivores who are able to chase them. Hamleads leave smudges on trees growing near soft, loamy soil, which is ideal for Hamlead growth.

Hamleads are capable of the following ability.

Artisan's stance. The Hamlead draws the pencil from its bottom, wielding it like a spear. Hamleads have no prior combat training, so this ability is mostly for intimidation and not actual fighting.

Sketch. The Hamlead draws a large circle on the ground that attracts nearby Hamleads hanging out on nearby trees. Hamleads who see the circle would rush to the sketching Hamlead's aid. A few dozen Hamleads can threaten small enemies enough for the foe to run away.

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