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The Horror is a monster based on the ghost. "Horror" is the feeling of fear, which is also the literal derivation of the name.

Biology Edit

Horrors are wispy, gray, formless creatures. They have a glowing pair of yellow eyes, as well as a black mouth. Being ghost-like in structure, they are able to phase through solid walls.

The origin of Horrors are unknown, though they are usually seen at graveyards. They do not seem to need to eat or rest, and can eternally wander the lands.

Behavior and abilities Edit

Horrors tend to be very hostile creatures, attempting to scare off living creatures who approach it. However, they are not particularly dangerous, and will disappear from the ether when they fail to fear their target.

Horrors have the following abilities.

Formless. The Horror's formless physique gives it immunity to almost all physical contact. It can reshape anytime it pleases, and can phase through the thickest walls.

Possession. The Horror enters a living target's body, gaining temporary limited control over it. A person with strong will will be able to reject the monster, though.

Spirit burn. After possessing a target, the Horror attempts to rend the target's spirit, severely weakening the target for a short period of time.

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