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The Icanary is a unique monster based on Icarus, the son of Daedalus of Greek mythology. Its name, Icanary, is a combination two words. The first one is "Icarus", a character of the story of the same name whose wax wings were melted by the sun, causing him to fall into the waters below. The second word is "canary", a common bird, referring to its bird-like being.

Biology Edit

Icanary armor is created from a mixture of various regular and white golds, and enchanted with powerful magics. The wings are made of a light gold variety for better air dynamics. These wings are mechanized and can be retracted and stretched out to the Icanary's leisure. These wings are also polished to a fault, shimmering and reflecting sunlight. The full helmet has back spikes and mouth guard and is designed to completely protect the Icanary's head. The armor's massive shoulder pads are supported by the rest of the upper body armor. The gauntlets are enchanted, bolstering the Icanary's spell casts. The body armor and lower garments are made of the strongest golds. The Icanary's shoes are crafted from a comfy blue fabric, and grant the Icanary unreal land speed when grounded.

The Icanary serves as the stalwart defender of Divinav, who also granted the Icanary her magical powers. The Icanary, in exhange, protects her from all opposition. The Icanary's armor, on the other hand, was crafted by Tectoromir. The Icanary, for as long as Divinav's magic holds, is immortal and will not age.

Behavior and abilities Edit

The Icanary has an arsenal of powerful offensive, defensive and supportive abilities, further bolstered by her armor's enchantments.

Brilliant fire. The Icanary's hands are engulfed in a multi-colored fire before lobbing the flame at a target. The fire is special in that it cannot be put out through nearly any means.

Icarus strike. The Icanary flies upwards, towards the sun. The Icanary's wings then glow a shining gold, absorbing the solar energy. After charging her wings, the Icanary dives down at a target or target area at a blistering speed. Multiple golden sonic booms occur as the Icanary swoops down. Upon collision, the power of the collision is manifested by a golden explosion.

Knight's code. Upon sensing that an ally is under attack, the Icanary can instantly switch places with that ally, the Icanary gaining a near impenetrable barrier upon teleporting.

Resurgence. The Icanary extends her arms at a target and shoots a stream of shining gold. The target hit is granted resistance to elemental attacks.

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