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The Jsuko is a monster based on the Teru teru bōzu, a handmade doll originating from Japan. "Jsuko" is derived from the Tsukuyomi, the moon god in Japanese mythology.

Biology Edit

Jsukos appear as small, living, levitating pieces of white cloth, with two arms extending from it. Around their head is a set of 8 black rosary beads. Removing the rosary beads will "de-possess" the cloth, leaving behind an ordinary piece of cloth and effectively slaying the Jsuko. Their sizes range from an inch to a foot. When viewed from underneath, they are are hollow.

Jsukos are mysterious creatures whose origins are unknown. One theory states that Jsukos are lost spirits of deceased children who innocently and harmlessly still roam the planet.

Behavior and abilities Edit

Jsukos are curious and harmless creatures, behaving very similarly to children. They do not roam the day, disappearing completely when the sun rises and re-appearing at sunset.

Jsukos have the following abilities.

Formless. The Jsuko's formless physique gives it immunity to almost all physical contact. It can reshape anytime it pleases, and can phase through the thickest walls.

Spirit tag. The Jsuko marks a target's soul. Upon that target's death, the Jsuko absorbs it, rejecting the previous occupant's soul and essentially becoming the marked target's medium. Jsukos rarely perform this ability.

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