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The Jujutamus is a monster based on the hippopotamus. Its name is a portmanteau of "juju" or Western African magic, and "hippopotamus", the mammal it based on.

Biology Edit

The Jujutamus is a large and heavy, purple-skinned aquatic monster. A large upper jaw extends their rounded heads. They have pupil-less eyes with deep blue eyebrows. Their arms and legs are very thick, and they typically have large stomachs. Despite their appearance, the Jujutamus is surprisingly athletic, able to move quickly and elegantly. Jujutamus skin is decorated with red birthmarks that appear like tattoos. These birthmarks glow a bright red whenever the Jujutamus uses its magic.

Jujutamus are omnivorous, though they prefer to feed on fruits and shrubs as opposed to hunting at is takes too much work for them. They do not need to eat a lot, despite their appearance. Jujutamus are relatively rare creatures, as it is not urgent for them to reproduce and they live very long life spans. They do not have many predators.

Behavior and abilities Edit

Jujutamus are intelligient creatures. They are able to speak natural language and have a morality. As opposed to a monster like Maginus who chooses to use its intelligence for study and discovery, Jujutamus are in a quest to have more potent summoning powers and unlock its secrets. They can be seen travelling long stretches of land to gather wisdom on conjuration.

The Jujutamus can cast one spell that does not involve summoning.

Annihilating necro. The Jujutamus extends its arms, opposite of each other before thrusting them forward. A white circle outline appears beneath a target's feet. After a brief delay, copious amounts of pitch-black particles erupt from the circle, draining the life force of anything that is unable to resist the spell.

Jujutamus can summon the following the monsters instantly as familiar, calling them from their place of rest and arriving in a flash of purple smoke to fight alongside the Jujutamus who summoned them. Each individual familiar is assigned to a specific Jujutamus. After summoning a familiar, the Jujutamus cannot be stunned or disrupted, else the familiars would return to their place of rest and the Jujutamus must resummon them. When a familiar falls in combat, the familiar would not return to their place of rest. An average Jujutamus can summon up to two familiars at a time, though skilled Jujutamus can summon more.

Summon Oak-a. The Jujutamus slams its feet into the ground with its arms extended, summoning an Oak-a as a familiar in a flash of purple smoke. The Oak-a is a more defensive creature compared to the other familiar.
Lilian ver2

Summon Lilian. The Jujutamus circles its arms before thrusting them forward, summoning a Lilian as familiar in a flash of purple smoke. The Lilian has a variety of both offensive and supportive water spells.

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