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The Kiraken is a monster based on a squid. “Kiraken” is derived from the mythical sea monster, Kraken.

Biology Edit

Kirakens are marine monsters. The most defining physical aspects of the Kiraken are its missing eye and its single bent “tentacle arm”, seemingly looking like a hook, both of which the Kiraken is born with. Its head is wide and bent at the edges, appearing like a pirate hat. It has three “tentacle legs”. The Kiraken has a very slippery exterior and a very squishy body. There is a large difference in size of among Kirakens; they can be as small as a feet long or as big as 10 feet long.

Kirakens are seen deep underwater, seeing as how they travel with their tentacles. Kirakens are predators, ruthlessly hunting smaller fish and sea creatures to feed on. During mating season, male Kirakens fight for the heart of female Kirakens.

Behavior Edit

Kirakens are natural bullies, scaring off smaller creatures using its threatening appearance. Kirakens usually find themselves in fights because of their aggressive nature. When in a skirmish, they can perform the following attacks.

Ink. The Kiraken lobs a blob of ink at the enemy’s eyes in an attempt to blind them. The ink is sticky and dark, making it very hard to remove and very disruptive.

Constrict. The Kiraken lashes out its tentacle. The Kiraken then wraps its enemy in its hook-like tentacle before attempting to wring the enemy.

Tentacle. The Kiraken winds its tentacle back, than whips an area in front of it to hit its enemies. Though very powerful, the Kiraken will usually not perform this ability because it is very slow, seeing as how Kirakens only have one tentacle for battle (the others are more for movement).

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