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The Lilian is an elemental monster of water. Its name is derived from "lily", the aquatic plant it is based on.

Biology Edit

Lilians are small, blue creatures composed completely of water, aside from the flowers on its head. Lilians are not born with this flower on their head; when the Lilian finds a flower, they place it on their head. They move around by levitating, noticeably leaking small droplets of water that float back to the Lilian after a while. They do not need to eat. Instead, they sustain themselves by absorbing water vapor and condensing it to water to regenerate its body.

Lilians are ethereal monsters. They are almost omnipresent, appearing wherever a medium to large body of water is. They have transparent bodies, which combined with their small size makes it hard for monsters to spot them. They are very frail creatures, as any decent physical strike would reduce them to a puddle.

Behavior and abilities Edit

Lilian are one of the possible summons for Jujutamus. Lilians are very timid creatures, oftentimes choosing to run away or hide immediately after being summoned. Skilled Jujutamus are able to convince them to stay, however.

Lilians have the following abilities. These abilities have increased potency when used wherever water is abundant, such as at sea or in rain.

Serene bath. The Lilian transforms into a moving sphere of water before crashing into an ally, quickly sealing most wounds and refreshing the target. The Lilian needs some time to reform into its original form and perform its other abilities.

Splash. The Lilian manipulates nearby water, creating a large ball of water. The Lilian then tosses it at any enemy or at least near one, attempting to distract or disrupt it.

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