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The Lonemone is a monster based on the sea anemone. Its name is a portmanteau of "lone", referring to its sheltered nature and "anemone" (specifically the sea anemone, a sea animal that resembles flowers).

Biology Edit

Lonemones are short, sticky, squishy, boneless aquatic creatures. They are composed of a head and a torso, with suction cup "feet" that attach to rock or firm sand, rooting themselves in place. They come in many colors, however the most common variety are those with violet-purple striped patterns. Lonemone have stretchy cyan tendrils on their head, appearing like hair. Lonemome wear either a small sea shell or starfish on their head like a hat as camouflage. An average Lonemome is six inches tall.

Lonemones thrive at seas, specifically in shallow waters. When low tide hits, they move closer to the water. They feed on phytoplankton, filtering them from the water with their sticky tendrils. Lonemones have a lot of predators. As a result, they usually make their homes under rocks or somewhere similarly hidden.

Behavior and abilities Edit

Lonemones are incredibly timid creatures, running away from anything that breathes, including other Lonemones. In fact, Lonemones are so timid that they start to weaken when under extended company. Lonemones sometimes bury their bodies into the sand, leaving only their head tendrils and ornament exposed.

From this buried state, they can perform the following abilities.

Drain. The Lonemone stabs a target above it with its tendrils by moving them swiftly before draining the target of its life forces. The stabbing is painless, and the Lonemone would let go of the target when it has travelled beyond the Lonemone's reach.

Sticky mass. The Lonemone secretes an incredibly sticky substance from its tendrils, detering most predators for consuming it.

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