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The M-013 is an artificially created monster based on the mole. "M-013" is derived from "MOLE" in tech-speak.

Biology Edit

The M-013 is an artificially created monster. It's almost completely made out of steel parts, including a steel body, an extendable steel arm, steel claws on their hands and feet, as well as a steel drill as a tail. It's goggles/eyes has a steel rim and a glass screen, with a red display light serving as its "eyes".

The M-013 is specifically made for the sole purpose of scouting for rare minerals and gemstone deep down into the earth. The M-013 has two behavioral codes programmed into it, the first being a "recon mode" wherein it analyzes its surroundings for rare minerals or gemstones; if it finds some, it sends an alert to the user. If it cannot find any, it digs in a certain direction, and analyzes again. The second mode is the "attack mode" wherein if the M-013 is attacked, the M-013 would strike back until the attacker either flees or is injured enough to stop attacking. The M-013 is programmed to not go for the kill unless necessary. The M-013 runs on a long-lasting battery, and does not need food or sleep. The M-013 is available to anyone who can purchase them and is able to admit a permit for use.

Behavior and abilities Edit

M-013 is a machine monster, unable to make its own decisions. It instead relies on previously programmed scripts to act. An M-013 during "recon mode" can do the following.

Seismic detection. The M-013 has an advanced seismic detection system, sensing ground vibrations such as approaching footsteps.

Scan. The M-013 emits a wave of red light to scan its surrounding from top to bottom, than from left to right. The M-013 will than process the information. If it finds rare minerals or gemstones, it estimates the total location, size and value of the mineral vein. If it finds a living being, it determines its species and size.

An M-013 during "attack mode" can do the following.

Metal claw. The M-013 swipes at any enemy with both of its claws in an attempt to injure it or make it flee.

Drill. The M-013 only uses this ability when the enemy attacks from behind. The M-013's drill tail revs violently, puncturing even the toughest or well-protected enemies.

Gallery Edit