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Maginus is a unique elemental monster and an embodiment of magic. "Maginus" is derived from "magus", an ancient Persian hereditary priestly class. It can also be derived from "magic", describing the nature of its powers.

Biology Edit

Maginus' entire being is composed of magic. Its head is a wispy blue flame with a single, unblinking eye, while its body is essentially an amalgamation of electical energies. Electricity can occassionaly be seen arcing from its arms. Whenever the Maginus moves, it vanishes and remains invisible until it stops moving, only leaving behind wisps of flame and electric discharge as it hovers around.

Maginus is one of the most dangerous and malevolent monsters in the ways of magic, thanks to its near absolute mastery over all things magic. Its transcendent state make it incredibly volatile, disintegrating nearly anything that dare opposes it. It does not eat or sleep.

Behavior and abilitiesEdit

Maginus wanders lands and crosses oceans, with its sole purpose being to find a being that is able to withstand its power. Maginus' near unmatchable magical prowess makes it an extremely dangerous opponent. Maginus, however, rarely deems it worth it to use its abilities.

The Maginus' most commonly used magical spells include the following.

Blue flame. Maginus extends its arms, than summons blue flames to either fire from its arms, or to suddenly appear around the enemy. The flame gets its blue color from its temperature, which is higher than ordinary flame. The flames on Maginus' head grow when using this spell.

Lighning bolt. Maginus blasts forth a powerful bolt of electricity from its arms. Maginus has an extremely good aim, able to hit a one inch large target without hitting its surroundings.

Seekers. Maginus summmons a number of magical, sentient spheres that follow the enemy at an unimaginable speed. Upon collision, the sphere explodes in a blast of blue smoke and flame.

Magic font. Maginus' experience in the ways of magic allows it to seamlessly combine and switch spells without chanelling or pause. This gives Maginus an edge over other mages.

Chaos ruin. A currently unfinished spell developed by Maginus. On paper, it involves firing a bolt of pure energy that completely deletes the elemental makeup of the area where it hits, effectively removing the area from existence. The spell, as stated before, is unfinished. However, it is still a dangerous ability, able to pierce through even the toughest materials.

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