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The Monkfu is monster based on the monkey. "Monkfu" is derived from a combination of "monkey", the animal it is based on, and "kung fu", a real-life martial art.

Biology Edit

Monkfus are bipedal monsters, covered everywhere in maroon fur except for its face, hands, feet, and tail. It has two loose locks of furs along with a larger mass of fur behind its head.

Monkfus live in jungles, thriving atop tall trees with their families, which can usually reach up to 20 family members. Most Monkfus become incredibly physically fit, able to move through the jungle canopy with ease, thanks to their strong arms, legs, and even tail.

Behavior and abilities Edit

Monkfus are intelligent creatures, almost as intelligent as an average human. They tend to be very passive creatures. When under attack or threatened, they'll usually first try to find a different solution other than brute force.

In combat, Monkfu performs the following.

Beatdown. The Monkfu lets out a loud shriek, summoning other nearby Monkfus in the premises. The Monkfus then proceed to dog pile the target, delivering a wave of brutal punches and kicks. If no Monkfus are present near the premises, the Monkfu would just lash out itself.

Force palm. The Monkfu winds back before delivering a potent blow with its palm, attempting to knock back the target. The Monkfu is fast enough to catch up and deliver another blow while the target is mid-knock back.

Dodge. The Monkfu's fast movements allow it to anticipate the enemy's attacks (to some extent) and dodge them accordingly.

Gallery Edit

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