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Nubis is a legendary monster based on the Anubis, which is also obviously the derivation of its name.

Biology Edit

Nubis is an anthropomorphic monster. Nubis has a pair of long ears and naturally scruffy brown fur. He has a short snout and a black nose. His usual attire includes a gold and purple colored cloth piece around its neck, a piece of gray cloth bounded by a bronze belt around its bicep and a golden gauntlet. He wears another bronze belt around his waist that binds two pieces of gray clothing at their lower bodies. He also wears a long, purple and black strip of special cloth that is attached to his belt. He wears a pair of leather shin guards and leather sandals. He is armed with a coiled rod of gold and purple steel with 2 rings at the opposite end. Nubis is 1.75 meter tall and 80 kilograms heavy.

Nubis is biologically immortal - he does not age nor needs to sleep. He has near limitless powers, almost the same level to that of a god. Nubis is the brother of Garude.

Behavior and abilities Edit

In contrast with his sibling, Nubis' powers involves the aging and decomposition of life. It spends its days writing books that detail the concept of death.

Nubis has the following abilities.

Spirit rod. Nubis winds back, then smashes an enemy with its rod. Upon collision, destructive spiritual energy erupts from the rod, burning the enemy with a magical blast.

Age. Nubis commands the very composition of the enemy to age rapidly. Plants will wither while most enemy monsters would weaken and fall to the ground. The ability does not affect man-made monsters or monsters who do not age.

Stone. Nubis aims its rod at the enemy. After a brief channel, a flash of bright white light erupts from the rod, attempting to convert enemies to stone for a definite period.

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