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The Ocu is a monster based on an ordinary monk. "Ocu" is derived from "oculus", the Latin word for "eye", relating to the single eye on its forehead.

Biology Edit

The Ocu is an anthropomorphic yellow-skinned monster with a pair of arms and legs, having 3 and 2 fingers and toes, respectively. It has a rather large head to contain its equally large brain. It has two small horns extending from both sides of its head, and a walrus mustache. It wears a loose black undercoat, white robe and wooden sandals. The most distinct feature of the Ocu is the single third eye on its forehead, which is the center of its psychic powers. An adult Ocu is usually about a meter tall and weighs 60 kilograms.

Groups of Oci can be found at highly spiritual places such as at ancient temples or groves. They can be seen arranged in an orderly, square-like fashion. The Ocu, for many generations, is in an eternal fast. Because of this, it has evolved to be able to perform photosynthesis. It has little to no predators thanks to the force field it can put up in a moment's notice. How it reproduces is unknown.

Behavior and abilities Edit

The Ocu spends the entirety of its day in meditation, as long as the Ocu is not disturbed in the process.

During meditation, the Ocu performs the following.

Force field. The Ocu puts up a force field that stays up until the meditation its over. The Ocu can, however, put up a quick barrier during battle, but the Ocu needs to time it well, as the barrier is more frail and disappears after a few seconds. The Ocu is completely protected from magical attacks while the shield persists. Physical attacks, though weakened, would destroy the shield over time.

When their fellow Oci are in danger, the Ocu would immediately stop its meditation to perform the following.

Psychic beam. The Ocu's third-eye widens, projecting a pink beam of disruptive psychic power, in an attempt to temporarily disable the enemy's mental functions. The target hit enters a stunned state, bombarded with powerful migraines.

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