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The Overgrowth is a monster based on the golem. Its name, "Overgrowth" refers to the fact that its body is overrun and covered in flora.

Biology Edit

Overgrowths are massive creatures, towering over the forest trees. They stand on two powerful legs that send out tremors whenever these colossi decide to take a step. Large, sprawling trees stand behind the Overgrowth, with their roots visibly wrapping around the Overgrowth's arms and the root tips forming the being's fingers. The leaves on these trees change with the seasons - a lush green for spring, a vibrant orange for summer, a striking red for autumn and a somber blue for winter. A thicket of strong grass grows on the monster's shoulders, with the occasional wild flower. The beast's body is protected by an almost metal-strong bark that resists fire. An even stronger bark forms the monster's face, which is connected to the roots behind it. This face is dotted with seven bright, white eyes. Overgrowth who have hibernated for longer periods of time have more nature growing around them.

Overgrowths are ancient beings, long revered as gods of the forests. They spend many millenia in rest underground, hidden away from the denizens above. Quelly are the only creatures known to be able to awaken them from their slumber.

Behavior and abilities Edit

The Overgrowth's best asset is its sheer size, towering over nearly everthing in the forest it resides at. They move sluggishly, but the size of their footsteps make up for it.

Overgrowths have the following abilities.

Forestal safeguard. The Overgrowth's eyes flash a lustrous gold. It then casts a protective barrier over the forest it is at, coating both beasts and plant life in a golden sheen. This barrier resists both physical blows and fires. The Overgrowth typically uses this ability when either protecting the forest from potential danger or when the Overgrowth is walking around to prevent trampling of forest life.

Swamping nature. The Overgrowth's eyes flash a bright green. It then commands vines, grasses and roots to rapidly grow around the target, attempting to cage or immobilize the target. The flora the Overgrowth grows with this ability is of a distinctive red color.

The Overgrowth can perform the following ability only with the plants it spawns with Swamping nature.

Reckless nature. The Overgrowth's eyes flash a bloody red before it commands the plants around the target to explode violently.

Colossal smash. The Overgrowth tramples a target with either its fist, foot or body, attempting to flatten the target. Multiple shockwaves are sent out upon collision.

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