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The Owler is a monster based on the owl. "Owler" is obviously derived from "owl", the real-life animal it is based on.

Biology Edit

The Owler is a brown-feathered avian monster. It has a blunt beak, two pairs of wings, as well as two feet with 3 claws each. Owlers don a cold-resistant, cyan-colored leather jacket secured by a leather belt decorated by the "symbol of Zephyr", a swirly blue badge.

The Owler's main purpose in life is mastery of the wind element. Owlers have their own university in the north named "The Zephyr College" which dedicates itself to the study of air manipulation. Owlers oftentimes set out on adventures outside their college to further progress their research. These adventures often lead to them being thousands of miles away from their college. The Owler is carnivorous, however, because of its highly civilized culture, it does not hunt, rather they purchase food and other necessities like human beings.

Behavior and abilities Edit

As scholars of the wind arts, the Owler spends most of its day either studying, writing, or going on adventures. All of which are done to further the Zephyr College's advancement in the field of wind mastery.

The Owler's wind abilities are mostly for protection. The Owlers' main purpose of study is to bring peace through the use of such abilities.

Owlers can perform the following.

Breathe. The Owler summons calming winds beneath a target, instantly healing nearly all non-fatal wounds. The effects are instant, and an experienced Owler can use this ability even while under pressure.

Whirlwind. The Owler flaps its wings to whip up a powerful vortex of wind, in an attempt to stun or disrupt an enemy. The main purpose of the attack is to buy enough time for the Owler's allies to escape. The whirlwind is partially sentient, and will follow an enemy until the enemy either flees, gets knocked out, or the whirlwind itself is dispelled.

Boundless memory. The Owler has a near infinite memory capacity, able to remember events since birth. This ability helps in navigation and preservation of studies.

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