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The Owter is a monster based on the otter. "Owter" is derived from "otter", the semi-aquatic animal it is based on. The name is also an anagram for "tower", referring to its tendency to stack shells into towers.

Biology Edit

Owters are bipedal, semi-aquatic monsters with soft, pink fur. They have pink snouts with rounded, orange noses. They have pairs of ears that are almost always drooped, and a pair of eyes that are almost always closed. They have pairs of paws and pair of webbed feet.

Owters are omnivorous, leaning more towards carnivorous. Typically, they can be seen at rivers either scouting for shellfish or hunting fish to eat. During mating season, female Owters select a shell from their individual collections they deem the best. The female Owter would then place the shell on their head. Male Owter who spot a shell to their liking would mate with the female Owter who owns the shell.

Behavior and abilities Edit

Owters are playful monsters. They find pleasure in causing mischief to both other Owters and other monsters. They are hard to catch, thanks to their sheer athleticism, small stature that allows them to hide very easily and their ability to swim.

The Owter's most bizzare ability involves balancing on a stack of shells.

Owter tower. The Owter, shells in arms, places a shell below its feet. The Owter hops and places another shell below it, stacking with the previous shell, before landing on top of the stack. The Owter repeats this until all the shells in its arms are placed.

The Owter can then use this stack for its other abilities.

Aquatic athelete. The Owter dives from the stack before curling up into a ball. The Owter then rolls at a target, attempting to stun it. When there is water nearby, the Owter can empower this ability by jumping into the water first. The Owter can then manipulate this water to spin around it before surfacing. Upon colliding with a target, it spins back to its original position.

Flush. The Owter performs a backflip to place itself behind the stack of shells. The Owter then gives the stack a flurry of quicks kicks, firing off each shell at targets like a projectile, attempting to stun targets hit. When all shells have been fired, the Owter proceeds to run away.

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