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The Padamasa is a unique amphibious monster. Its name, "Padamasa", is a portmanteau of "pad" (referring to its basis, the lily pad) and "Muramasa", an Japanese swordsman.

Biology Edit

The Padamasa is a humanoid monster. A lily pad grows on its head in a cone, shrouding its bright, red eye. A sharp leaf blade grows from its left arm, its stem wrapping around the Padamasa's wrist. This leaf blade never gets dull, never grows, and cannot be detached from the Padamasa. The Padamasa's body is completely white. The Padamasa is a short monster, only being a feet tall.

The Padamasa is an extremely elusive creature. Ballads have been written and sung of this monster, whose presence is said to bring either an early harvest or calamity. In reality, the Padamasa thrives at a sacred lake, honing its skill with the blade. The Padamasa is able to do photosynthesis to sustain itself. There is only one Padamasa in existence.

Behavior and abilities Edit

The Padamasa is a usually peaceful creature, only getting aggresive when its lake home is in danger, in which case it defends it with its wide array of self-crafted fighting techniques.

The Padamasa has its own fighting style that involves combining its outstanding athleticism with its skill over its leaf blade.

Quick slash. The Padamasa leaps forward, slashing an area in front of it in an arc before disappearing and reappearing at its original location. The arc is surprisingly large, despite the Padamasa's small stature.

Lily flurry. The Padamasa slashes forward repeatedly, attempting to cut up a target before releasing a more powerful finishing slash.

Backflip. The Padamasa performs a jumping backwards tumble to either avoid attacks or reposition. This ability is usually performed in conjunction with Quick slash.

Submarine. The Padamasa dives head-first into a nearby body of water. The Padamasa can then channel the water beneath it to push itself back up, surfacing the water like a bullet at a target.

Water knives. The Padamasa extends its arms opposite of each other, channeling its magical abilities to conjure nearby water, creating sharp water knives that levitate and spin around it. The Padamasa can choose to fire these knives at a target. The Padamasa cannot hold the knives up indefinitely, and would grow tired.

River shield. The Padamasa quickly builds a strong but flimsy shield of water that blocks most magical attacks. The shield can not hold for long (usually only a second), and needs to be timed well.

Aqueous detection. When in water, the Padamasa can detect any vibration caused by movement. The Padamasa can even detect vibrations from monsters that are miles away.

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