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The Quelly is a monster based on a koala. Its name, "Quelly" is derived from "koala", the mammalian creature it is based on.

Biology Edit

Quellies are short, pudgy creatures with blue fur around their bodies. They have large, rounded ears, a black nose and a collar of orange fur that appears like a scarf. They have small, yellow claws at their arms. They have weak cognitive senses, making it difficult for them to keep balance at all times. Adult Quellies reach a height of two feet tall.

Quellies feed on berries and leaves that grow within their forest habitat. The claws on their hands help with both reaching said berries and leaves and also for keeping balance by attaching themselves trees.

Behavior and abilities Edit

Quellies are peaceful creatures. They are relatively defenseless, which is why they spend most of their days up trees to prevent confrontation.

Quellies are notrorious for performing the following ability.

Ancient reforestation. Quellies are unique in that they are the only creatures capable of controlling the ancient Overgrowth - titanic creatures of the forest. Every Quelly is born with this ability, and any Quelly is capable of controlling any Overgrowth as long as the colossal beast is not under control of another Quelly. When the Overgrowth is "activated", the Quelly would climb up its arm and attach itself to the Overgrowth's back, appearing like it is driving the Overgrowth. Despite this potent ability, Overgrowths are incredibly rare creatures. Most forests do not even have a single Overgrowths, and most Quellies go through their lives without using this power.

Gallery Edit