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The Raccuu is a monster based on a raccoon, which is also the etymology of its name.

Biology Edit

The Raccuu is a small, gray-colored furry monster with a patch of black over its eyes, resembling a comical burglar. Its fluffy tail has two black rings.

Raccuus are omnivorous, able to ingest almost anything edible. It generally prefers fruits or fish. They can usually be seen during the day in forests with their children but when night falls, the parent Raccuus are usually seen wandering cities alone.

Behavior and abilities Edit

Raccuus are nocturnal, and during the evening, they raid the homes of unsuspecting citizens. They are very clever, able to use basic tools such as keys and can openers. After a raid, they go back to their family and share the spoils with them. When they get caught, they attempt to do the following.

Charm. The Raccuu cutely stares at the target's eyes, seemingly asking for forgiveness. Whether or not this trick works depends on the target.

Parent Raccuus are very protective of their young, and would do the following if provoked.

Quick whack. The Raccuu draws a stick from hammerspace, then smacks the enemy quickly, then, within eye blink, returns to its original position. This attack occurs ungodly fast.

Gallery Edit

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