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The Rotwurm is a monster based on a dragon. Its name, "Rotwurm", is a combination "rot", referring to its zombified being, and "wurm" from "lindworm", a serpent-like dragon of British heraldry.

Biology Edit

The Rotwurm's entire serpentine body is in a loop of constant decay and regeneration, which is brought about by the serpent' genetic makeup. As a result, large bodily tears and openings can be seen appearing all over, exposing the Rotwurm's cold flesh. Its wings appear like curtains due to the holes that appear on them, limiting its ability to fly. On worst scenarios, entire limbs may fall off. The Rotwurm's mouth is lined with brittle but sharp teeth that regenerate much faster than the rest of its body.

Rotwurms wander dragon graveyards, mindlessly attacking any being that comes close to them. They do not eat or rest, and their bodies would soon collapse when too many of their cells deteriorate, joining the bones of the dragons before them. New Rotwurms are reanimated by Mausol.

Behavior and abilities Edit

The Rotwurm's cells that give it its unstable body also grant it its abilities to decompose those around it with a variety of powers. Despite their highly aggresive nature, any form of movement they engage in puts a massive strain on their body and speeds up their decay.

Rotwurms have the following abilities.

Decay. The Rotwurm winds back its head before blasting a target with a wretched breathe. This breathe accelerates the aging process of organic beings to the point of death.

Glasstooth. The Rotwurm lunges forward and bites a target with its teeth. Pieces of broken, rotting teeth may sometimes be left behind buried in the target's flesh.

Cadaver's body. The Rotwurm can freely detach any part of its body. This ability is rarely used, and is mostly done to abandon any malfunctioning cells.

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