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The Sandhopper is a sand elemental monster. "Sandhoppper" is derived from its ability to "hop" around sandy areas.

Biology Edit

The Sandhopper is a sentient mass of sand, with a buffalo skull as a head and arms (but no feet). It is similar to a sack of sand when held. The Sandhopper is only roughly 1 feet tall and 5 pounds heavy.

The Sandhopper is an extremely hard-to-find monster, thanks to its color and sand-like properties, coupled with its wide desert habitat. It does not need to eat or sleep, seeing as it is an elemental. It wanders the sandy desert, serving as something like a guardian.

Behavior and abilities Edit

The Sandhopper wanders the desert day and night, protecting it from those who seek to desecrate it.

It uses the following abilities to move around and fight.

Sandfall. The Sandhopper fuses with a large amount of sand around it, growing hundreds of times larger and appearing like a gigantic sphere of levitating sand. The Sandhopper then leaps up a large distance along with the massive amount of sand clumped with it then crashes down on the enemy in an attempt to bury the opposition in the avalanche.

Bury. The Sandhopper buries itself in the sand, vanishing entirely. The Sandhopper can than resurface absolutely anywhere in the desert, even when the distance from the original location is a thousand miles. The Sandhopper can travel any distance in a second.

Dune storm. The Sandhopper manipulates the sand around it, forming a massive, violent sandstorm. The storm follows the Sandhopper, and lasts for up to a few hours or until the enemy either falls or leaves the desert entirely.

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