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The Sangoat is a monster based on a mix of the vampire, a vampire bat and a goat. Its name, "Sangoat", is a combination of "sanguine", a word relating to blood (referring to the monster's vampiric nature), and "goat", the animal it is based on.

Biology Edit

Base form Edit

Sangoat fleece is notoriously smooth and soft, due to Sangoat's constant grooming of it. Long, gray fleece grows on its head, partially concealing its pointy black horns. This hair is almost never cut by the Sangoat. Because of this, a Sangoat's age can usually be determined by the length of their locks. The fleece on its body and face grow much slower then those on its head. Black and gold eyes give the Sangoat is nocturnal powers. The Sangoat's mouth is notably armed with a pair of sharp fangs that makes it easy to puncturre flesh. A large fluff of silky white fleece grows around its neck. A coat of lavender fleece covers its body. This fleece-vest is dotted with yellow marks, appearing like a vest. Sangoats are hooved creatures, though in their base form they do not use their front hooves too much. A pair of blood-red wings grow on its back. Sangoat bodies in this forn are cold to the touch.

In their base forms, adult Sangoats typically reach an average of 2 and a half feet tall. When blood is unavailable for feasting, they feed instead on fresh vegetables.

Beast form Edit

The Sangoat beast is a large, menacing, fiendish creature. It is a hooved quadruped, as opposed to its bipedal base form. Its body is covered in a gray fleece, with its face fleece and beard as well as the fleece around its neck, arms and body packing thicker fur. This fleece is immune to fires. The base Sangoat's pointy devil horns are replaced with powerful, curling horns that are near indestructible. Its wings grow exponentially as well, allowing the beast to soar high above the ground.

The Sangoat beast reach heights of 6 feet tall from horn to hoof and 10 feet long from nose to tail. They weight up to two tons heavy.

Behavior and abilities Edit

Sangoats, in either form, are malevolent creatures of the night. One relies more heavily on casting spells while the other one relies on overpowering the opposition with powerful attacks.

The following abilities are usable in either form.

Malice shroud. The Sangoat briefly channels before becoming completely invisible. The Sangoat, however, is still tangible. Getting hit by a strong attack while in this hidden state cancels it out.

The following abilities are only usable in the base imp form.

Fiendish blast. The Sangoat creates a black orb of dark energies in its hand-hooves before lobbing it at an enemy. The Sangoat does not need to aim much as the ball automatically follows whatever the Sangoat's target was before attacking.

Necro eyes. The Sangoat glares at an opponent's eyes. Valid targets are given a rupturing migraine that can possibly damage the poor victim's brain permanently.

To enter its alternate form, the Sangoat would need to transform.

Twilight fang. This ability can only be used by the base Sangoat at night. The Sangoat fades into an intangible black shadow as it transforms. Sangoat's transformation is notoriously morbid. Repeated bone cracks and squish sounds can be heard as the Sangoat is shrouded in a black veil and morphs into its alternate form. The Sangoat, however, does not feel any pain. While in the beast form, its senses heighten and enters a monstrous warpath while its energy rapidly drains away. When the Sangoat beast grows too tired, it would instantly revert into its imp form. To keep its energy up, the Sangoat beast needs to feed on blood, ideally from the enemies it has defeated. As long as the Sangoat can keep its energy up, it can be in its beast form indefinitely.

The following abilities can only be used by the Sangoat while in its beast form.

Devil's heels. The Sangoat barrages a smaller target with repeated hoof stomps, pummeling the target and possibly incapacitating it.

Tremendous fire. The Sangoat reels back before breathing a stream of blue flame at a target area, covering everything in hellfire.

Duskdrop. The Sangoat flies swiftly into the air before dropping down, covering itself in dark energies as it drops and collides with a grounded target, releasing malefic shockwaves in its wake.

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