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The Slip is a monster based on a snail. "Slip" is derived from the slippery slime it leaves behind.

Biology Edit

Slips are large gastropods with long curly feelers. It has a large, thick, spiral shell with gradually enlarging spikes at its back. It has no limbs. It relies on its mouth to feed itself. Slips grow to an average of 1.2 meters and weigh an average of 100 kilograms. They lay eggs to reproduce, though they do not take care of them and rather just leave them to live on their own.

Slips are herbivores and feed on grasses and berries that fall on the ground. They thrive in forests, particularly in areas with soft (not muddy) ground. Thanks to its large shell, it does not have many predators.

Behavior and abilities Edit

Slips, seeing as how they are incredibly slow and lack any real offensive abilities, are very peaceful monsters. They only really attack when wildly provoked, which is hard in its own right. The spike on its back doesn't serve much as a weapon but more of a way to scare off predators.

Slips can perform one of the following actions, depending on the situation.

Withdraw. The Slip withdraws into its thick, spiked shell, blocking most offensive attacks and deterring predators from attacking it further.

Slime track. Even though the Slip is slow, it excretes a sticky mucus that covers pursuing enemies' feet. The mucus makes it hard for grounded enemies to pursue it.

Shell spin. The Slip winds its body back, then hurls itself at a foe, spinning vertically violently. While mid-air, the Slip withdraws into its shell, appearing like a swift blade. Upon hitting a foe, it is knocked back, and the Slip pops up from inside its shell. It is rare to see this ability be performed, and can only be seen from highly aggressive Slips.

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