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The Slublub is an aquatic creature based on common sea slug. The "slub" in its name is derived from "slug", the gastropod animal it is based of. The "blub" is derived from "blob", which describes its stout appearance.

Biology Edit

Slublubs are chubby, blob-like creatures, consisting of only a head and a body. Slublubs come in many colors, but can only be one color at a time. They have very smooth, squishy skin all throughout their body. They have two beady yellow eyes and a mouth, as well as a pair of antennae. Slublubs tend to grow small, reaching average heights of only 3 inches.

Slublubs can be found in shallow water. Slublubs require very little for survival. Sunlight is enough to sustain them when they are in direct exposure to it. Slublubs that aren't in direct exposure to and aren't able to move to one that is have to resort to regularly feeding on algae. Slublubs can undergo cellular mitosis, producing new Slublubs regularly.

Behavior and abilities Edit

Slublubs are among the most docile monsters in existence. They aren't capable of doing much, and serve as prey to many underwater monsters. To offset this, they are capable of reproducing extremely fast due to the low biological requirements necessary to do so.

Slublubs are able to perform only one ability.

Metabolized multiplication. The Slublub channels its energies to reproduce, mass producing new Slublubs. On average, a single Slublub would end up with 20 within a minute when every Slublub would perform this ability.

Gallery Edit