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The Snort is a monster based on wild boars. "Snort" is derived from the wild boar's behavior of sniffing or "snorting" for nearby food or threats.

Biology Edit

Snorts are short, stout and are almost spherical in shape. Mushrooms often grow on Snort skin, buried by messy purple fur. These mushrooms actually grow with the Snort, and would multiply as the Snort ages. Snorts have large orange noses and have tuffs of dark purple fur underneath, appearing like a mustache. Male Snorts have two sharp, long, peach-colored tusks beneath their "mustache".

Snorts need to consume large amounts of food daily. Though they can often be seen waddling in swamps, some Snorts wander to open fields when their supply of food is running short. They reproduce fairly quickly and can have communities consisting of dozens of Snorts, which works to their advantage because they are prey to many monsters.

Behavior and abilities Edit

Snorts are docile creatures. They spend most of their waking days either sleeping or eating. They enjoy cold and damp places, especially spots where their mushrooms can freely grow. When in trouble, Snorts would choose to flee rather than fight.

Snorts are capable of performing the following abilities.

Spore. The mushrooms on the Snort contain toxic spores that are released whenever the Snorts feel that it is in danger. The spores will cause intense itching in contact with skin, instant blinding in contact with eyes and nausea and paralysis when consumed or inhaled.

Swine slam. The Snort rolls up into a ball and flees. In a pinch, the Snort may choose to ram an enemy, releasing its spores.

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