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The Sonicbat is a monster based on the bat. "Sonicbat" is a combination of the words "sonic", referring to its sound-based powers and "bat", the real-life animal the monster is based on.

Biology Edit

The Sonicbat is pink, furry monster capable of flight. Its arms are also its wings, which are films of skin. It has two large ears. Its belly has three rings.

The Sonicbat is a nocturnal creature, only venturing out of its cave at night to feed on fruits and bugs. Sonicbats live in swarms of up to a hundreds individuals

Behavior and abilities Edit

The Sonicbat is a generally passive creature, only really attacking when it is hit or when their food is taken away. Sonicbat colonies do not have a leader; everyone is in it just for protection. If a colony of Sonicbats feel that the group is in danger, the entire colony would attack the enemy.

The Sonicbat can perform the following in case of threat.

Disruptive screech. The Sonicbat releases an irritating screech in an attempt to scare enemies away.

Echo. The Sonicbat releases a powerful blast of sound from its mouth in an attempt to stun the enemy with the sheer loudness of it. The blast bounces between the walls of the cave, gaining more power and extending the duration the bigger the cave is.

Bite. The Sonicbat opens its jaws, than flies towards an enemy mouth-first, biting down viciously. This is mostly just for attack; the Sonicbat does not consume meat outside of insects.

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