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The Spearbeak is an avian monster based on a sea gull. "Spearbeak" is derived from its spear-like beak.

Biology Edit

Spearbeaks are monsters capable of flight. They have white feathers all over their body with blue feathers on half of their wing and tail. They have webbed feet. Their beaks resemble that of a spear. Spearbeaks have a tuft of feathers in front of their face. They also have slightly curly feathers at the back of their heads.

Spearbeaks usually live on areas near to the sea, such as shores or docks. Obviously, they lay eggs to reproduce. Because of a lack of twigs and sticks, Spearbeaks usually do not have a traditional bird nest, and instead find a hole or someplace similar to lay their eggs in. They strictly only eat sea creatures such as fish or crabs.

Behavior and abilities Edit

Spearbeaks are usually seen fishing for food, both for themselves and for their young. They execute the following two abilities in catching fish.

Aerodynamic prowess. In addition to its ability to fly, the Spearbeak can effortlessly gain altitude, suspending itself in midair. This ability can also be used in fights to dodge opponents' attacks.

Stoop. After Aerodynamic prowess, the Spearbeak dives down, spearing prey with its long, pointy bill.

Spearbeaks become very aggressive when they catch egg-raiders shuffling through their "nest", and would usually perform the following.

Spear peck. The Spearbeak flies straight into the enemy, piercing it with its sharp bill. The Spearbeak flies so fast that it can pierce even through the thickest armor.

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