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The Spiniard is a monster based on a spider. "Spiniard" is derived from "spider", the arachnid it was derived of.

Biology Edit

Spiniards are small, squishy monsters covered in short, black fur with six legs. Their heads have extended, needle-like mouths and six green eyes - the front pair of which are larger than the other four. A bright, yellow line runs across the top of their abdomens. A tuff of stiff fur is at their bottom. The average adult Spiniard is 2 inches from the tip of their nose to their bottom.

Spiniards are herbivores, feeding on fruits and berries growing around the swamps it lives in. Spiniards would usually lay dozens of eggs at a time when reproducing, which works to the advantage of Spiniard since they have a lot of predators.

Behavior and abilities Edit

The majority of the Spiniard's behavior revolves around their ability to produce sticky silk.

Tiny tailor. The most noteworthy aspect of a Spiniard is its ability to produce sticky, multicolored silk from its bottom and "sew" it into vibrant wrappings that it wears on its six legs, each leg having a unique pattern. The design of these wrappings vary drastically from Spiniard to Spiniard, however Spiniards that are biologically related have more similar designs. Spiniard legs are special in that they are the known material capable of handle the silk without sticking. The Spiniard does this to disuade predators from consuming it, as the bright colors of the wrappings as well as their foul taste makes them appear less appetizing.

Rappel. The Spiniard aims its bottom upwards before shooting a thread of special silk that is stickier than the normal silk it uses for its wrappings. The length of the thread can extend up to 100 times its body length. When it hits a ceiling, it pulls itself up swiftly. This ability is often used to run away from predators or to reach fruits on trees.

Snaring silk. The Spiniard aims its bottom forward and fires sticky silk that is similar to the silk it uses when rappeling to attempt to ensnare a target. The Spiniard can then choose to pull the target to it when it is capable of doing so, or detach the silk altogether and leave the target ensnared. When confronted by enemies, it can also choose to aim directly at the target's eyes, attempting to blind them.

Spider feet. Spiniard legs are able to attach and traverse nearly any surface. Their feet are also notoriously mobile, able to quickly dash from one point to another.

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