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The Trunkle is a monster based on a tree trunk, which is also what its name is derived from.

Biology Edit

Trunkles appear like large, sentient trees. Their head resembles that of a bare tree and looks somewhat like a wooden skull with a single branch extending from it. Its body and head are encased in thick bark, while its wrists are covered in a large mass of hard bark. They are tall creatures, reaching heighs of up to 10 meters. New Trunkles materialize every few years.

Trunkles wanders forests, serving as something like its guardian. It does not sleep or eat.

Behavior and abilities Edit

Trunkles can usually be seen walking aimlessly all throughout the day. They get excited over anything they find interesting, especially birds. Trunkles are usually peaceful until provoked.

When provoked, or when it senses that its forest home is in danger, they can do one of the following:

Wooden punch. The Trunkle winds back, then releases its thick log arm forward to punch a being it deems hostile. This attack is strong enough to crush bones.

Log crush. The Trunkle leaps into the air, then slams both of its arms on the ground. The Trunkle usually only does this when faced with multiple opponents to deal with them simultaneously.

Trunkles are not ones to back off from a fight, and will usually stay in a brawl until knocked out.

Gallery Edit

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