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The Tyrannosnow is a monster based on a dinosaur. "Tyrannosnow" is a portmanteau of "tyranosaurus rex", a savage prehistoric dinosaur, and "snow", referring to its snow motiff.

Biology Edit

The white snow that constitutes 100% of the Tyrannosnow's being is magical. It is resistant to direct heat during winter times, though the Tyrannosnow is still reduced to a puddle when spring rolls around. It is also much tougher then normal snow. A Tyranno's head is composed of a large mouth with snow "teeth". It has a spherical body of snow that wowuld resemble a large snowball. It has powerful legs and a long tail. The Tyrannosnow has no actual hands. Instead, the snow at the end of the Tyrannosnow's arms are special in that the Tyrannosnow can morph them into whatever form he would desire of them.

Tyrannosnows are ethereal beings, appearing after blizzards during the winter time, materializing from the snow. They are nearly immortal during the winter, reforming whenever they are defeated. They do not need to feed or sleep, and typically spend their days walking the tundra.

Behavior and abilities Edit

In contrast with their appearance, Tyrannosnows are very peaceful creatures. They only really strike back when attacked, in which case they are relentless and would bombard their aggresors with powerful attacks.

Tyrannosnows are capable of using the following abilities.

Frigid winds. The Tyrannosnow opens its mouth before blasting an area with a frosty breath, attempting to freeze or incapacitate targets to shatter them with the Tyrannosnow's more physical attacks.

Tail smash. The Tyrannosnow strikes a target (ideally a frozen one) with its powerful tail. The Tyrannosnow's sheer strength is usually enough to shatter frozen targets.

Avalanche. The Tyrannosnow morphs its snow hands into hammers before striking the earth with them simultaneously, setting off an avalanche when there is a nearby snowy mountain. Nearby enemies are also stunned by the tremors sent out by the attack.

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