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The Ursine is monster based on a bear. The name, Ursine, is literally "bear" in Latin.

Biology Edit

Ursines appear to be large, blue furred quadruped beasts with sharp teeth and claws. The defining characteristic of Ursines are the pink stars on its fur. Ursines receive a new star every year, with the first star appearing on their cheek. The stars are covered in pink, glittery star dust. They can reach up to 1.8 meters in height and up to 300 kilograms in weight.

Ursines are omnivorous. Though they prefer to feed on berries and other fruits, they won't hesitate to hunt when they get an opportunity. They are apex predators thanks to their superb strength and speed. Mating season only occurs during massive meteor showers, which is why they are so rare.

Behavior and abilities Edit

Male Ursines spend their day hunting for food, while female Ursines look after the cubs. It is generally dangerous to approach an Ursine, as they are very territorial. Mother Ursines are extremely protective of their cubs.

When threatened, they can do one of the following:

Bestial roar. The Ursine roars loudly to scare off a being it deems dangerous. This attack warps and skews the literal space around the Ursine's mouth, almost as if the Ursine is roaring through time and space itself.

Star crash. The Ursine charges forward, then headbutts an enemy, attempting to knock it back. The stars on its body shimmer as it runs.

Astral bite. The Ursine lunges forward and bites an enemy. Spacial energy is released from the Ursine's jaws to empower the attack.

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