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The Vanther is a monster based on a panther. "Vanther" is derived from a combination of "vanish", referring to the the Vanther's abilitiy to be intangible, and "panther", the animal it is based on.

Biology Edit

The Vanther, when fully opaque, appears as a sleek, fully dark blue quadruped beast with a wispy tail. It has no fur and no inner organs, and feels cold to the touch.

Vanthers thrive in deep areas within jungles. It is often referred to as "The Shadow Beast" because of its strong ties with the shadows.

Behavior and abilities Edit

Vanthers are nocturnal beasts, hunting prey when night falls. It is usually invisible and inactive during the day, sleeping at tree branches.

Vanthers abilities revolve around shadow and visibility manipulation. Some of which are the following.

Shade spawn. The Vanther becomes a literal shadow, gaining incredible mobility. The Vanther can only return to its original state when it is under another shadow, such as under the shade of a tree. The Vanther can return to its original state anywhere during the night.

Vanish. The Vanther instantly "disappears", making itself invisible and intangible. The Vanther does not cast a shadow while invisible.

After vanishing, the Vanther can do the following.

Shadow pounce. The Vanther pounces forward, its shadow coating its claws to tear down its target. The Vanther loses its invisible state. After the attack, the Vanther's shadow returns to its original position.

Gallery Edit