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The Woodhermit is a bipedal forest monster. Its name is derived from "wood", referring to its forest habitat, while "hermit" refers to its nomadic nature.

Biology Edit

Woodhermits are bipedal, anthropomorphic monsters. They wear a mask of charred wood with two holes for their large, yellow eyes. A pair of leafy tree branches extend from both sides of their heads, appearing like horns. Lush green leaves grow around the top and back of their heads. A flower grows on the right side of the head of adult Woodhermits. Green leaves also grow around their neck, although these leaves are of a different color then the ones on their head. Woodhermits wear robes of brown cloth, with holes for their head, arms and feet. They can usually be seen with a wooden longbow that is strapped behind them.

Woodhermits do not eat, rather they feed off sunlight through photosynthesis. During the night (when there is no sun), they enter a passive state to conserve their energy, closing their eyes as they appear to "sleep". During the day (when the sun is up), they are in their active state where they enjoy massively improved regeneration and physical capabilities. They are not known to mate, rather they decompose into the soil and "grow" into a new Woodhermit, together with their bow. A Woodhermit's bow grows with the Woodhermit who owns it, regardless of how apart they may be.

Behavior and abilities Edit

The Woodhermit is an elusive creature, choosing to hide from most beings during the night by hiding out in treetops using the leaves on their head and neck to blend in. During the day, however, they serve as guardians of the forest, shooting down any being who intends to bring harm to the woodlands with their bows.

Woodhermits are able to perform the following.

Treefinger. The Woodhermit draws its bow and fires a special ammunition at a target. This ammunition - the "arrow plant" - can multiply into more ammunition over only a few hours when planted into the ground. Woodhermits generally bring dozens of arrow plants with them for use.

Photosynthesis. During the day, the Woodhermit can metabolize its body to consume drastically more sunlight, massively improving the rate at which its wounds heal as well as providing it improved speed and strength. When the sunlight is strong and unobstructed, the Wooodhermit can perform this ability even while sprinting or climbing up trees. Woodhermits have difficulty or can not perform this ability at all during cloudy days or at night.

Tree whisperer. Woodhermits can walk up tree trunks and travel through networks of branches with their strong feet and claws. The Woodhermit also has omnivision when it is in contact with a tree in a forest. It can detect almost any being in the forest, including their location.

Canopy cadenza. Anytime the Woodhermit is at a canopy of a tree in a forest, the Woodhermit can instantly teleport to any other canopy within the same forest.

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